Olive oil from Sabina

Sabina Olive oil is among the most famous of all Italian extra virgin olive oils.

Olive oil from Sabina is characteristic by its low acidity and smooth, delicate taste, which can be attributed to the ideal ‘terroir’ of the Sabine Hills and the surrounding area of Sabina. This hidden little corner of the Rome countryside is an impressive patchwork of olive groves, covering the undulating hillsides between wooded valleys and forested mountains.

The olives that make Monti Sabini olive oil grow at an altitude of 500-600 metres (1,640-1,968 feet). This, along with the limestone terrain and steep hillsides, creates the perfect condition for growing olives. Such steep hills also prevent exploitation of the olive groves, sustaining the culture and traditions of the community, and preserving the beautiful countryside that is so synonymous with the Sabine Hills.

For our Monti Sabini olive oil we select olive oil from the best producers in the area, keeping the oil from each producer separate and naming it after the grove on which the olives were harvested.

This creates olive oils that vary according to the land and conditions where the olives were grown.

Keeping the harvest of each producer separate also allows the family-run estates to remain independent and to continue to pass along the artisanal secrets of production from generation to generation.

As the production is small there is complete control over the production process. The olives are hand harvested and quickly taken to a local mill in Sabina, where the oil is cold extracted. Then, rather than filtering the olive oil mechanically, we let gravity take its course; allowing the sediment to sink to the bottom before bottling the oil. We favour this filtering technique, because it ensures that we don’t remove the lighter, finer, more subtle particles, along with larger unwanted fragments. (As can happen with mechanical filtration.) Although this method takes a little longer, we think it is worth the wait.

The landscape of Sabina, along with our perfectionist approach to production, results in olive oil with exceptionally low acidity and a distinctively delicate taste.